Creative & Innovative Inbound Marketing Strategies


NINEFIFTYNINE Designs is a digital marketing and design company that is focused on how to solve the marketing related problems that impact every small business. Instead of chasing old leads, and cold calling random companies, we tailor our services around campaigns that leverage the benefits of Inbound Marketing principles designed to bring new clients and customers to you. We can put together custom campaigns that may include redesigning your website and content around a Google Ads campaign, optimizing your site for better visibility, creating a social media engagement campaign, or anything in between. We're flexible. And most importantly, we're here to help.


Understanding the buyer's journey is the key to a successful marketing initiative. Knowing how to reach prospective clients and customers at every stage of the sales funnel is what separates a good digital marketing agency from a great one. We focus our work on the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing and striking the right balance between content and technique to bring clients to you.

Web Design | Development

We build custom Wordpress websites designed around specific calls to action that bring you leads and conversions.


We use Google Ads search campaigns and social media retargeting placement ads to reach an ever- expanding customer base.

SEO & Site Optimization

Ensuring that your website follows coding standards and uses the correct tags and keywords can help establish you as one of the top sites in your market.

Content Marketing

Not everyone can be a great writer, and it can sometimes be difficult to put your thoughts into words. That's where we come in.

Social Media Management | Engagement

Leveraging social media for company and product awareness, as well as using retargeting ads can help reach untapped markets for your business.

Strategy | Consulting

Technology and marketing are two of the fastest paced industries in the world. If you just need help understanding, we're here to help.


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